Pet Arthritis

Since our beloved furry friends can't tell us where something hurts, it's up to us to pay close attention to the habits and body language of our pets. Domesticated animals aren't that far out of the wild, after all, where a sick animal is an open invitation to predators. It's easy to see why our pets won't allow us to know they're hurting.


There are signs and symptoms of pet arthritis that your Houston veterinarian will tell you about here. At the onset of symptoms, taking your pet to the veterinarian at Pet Medical Center of Katy will result in medications that make the symptoms easier to bear for your pet.

Some of the Signs of the Symptoms Are

  • Moving Is Difficult: When your pet can no longer climb stairs, leap onto the couch, or run, jump, and play like he used to, this is a sign of arthritis. It's easier for your pet to lie still and/or sleep.
  • Fatigue: Pain is exhausting. You and I lie down for a nap or just sit very still when we're hurting. So, do our pets. Dogs might take shorter walks due to the pain. Dogs and cats both will sleep a lot more.
  • Muscles Will Atrophy: This lack of activity and movement will make the muscles atrophy. That means the muscle tissue will die off, possibly not being replaced. Weak and atrophied muscles won't hold up your pet. Legs will appear thinner or smaller than a normal leg.
  • Grooming or A Lack Thereof: Some animals will lick or chew the painful area. Other animals, and cats won't groom themselves at all. If the biting and licking result in irritated skin and hair loss in the painful area, get him to your veterinarian. He'll give you medicine to prevent infection.
  • Irritability: When we're in pain, we're not pleasant to be around. Our furry buddies feel the same way. They might whine, bark, snap, or bite whomever tries to pet them. They're not trying to hurt us. They're telling us they don't feel well and to please leave them alone.
  • Back and Hip Pain: Arthritis settles into joints, two of which are the spine and the hips. If your pet limps to one side or hunches his back, then your Houston veterinary needs to see them pronto. The hips and back are so vital to their wellbeing that the pain should be treated immediately.

Our pets suffer many ailments as they age. Making their days as easy on them as we can is the goal of pretty much every pet parent. Contact the Pet Medical Center of Katy at the first sign of pet arthritis to learn how we can help you and your pet.