Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery in Katy

When your pet needs veterinary surgery, the Pet Medical Center of Katy, in Houston, knows just what to do. Our licensed veterinary surgeons are experienced, and they care about pets. To help you and your cuddly companion get through this difficult time with the least amount of stress, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about pet surgery at the Pet Medical Center of Katy, Texas. 


Why Would My Pet Need Surgery? 

Animals need surgery for a variety of reasons. Pet surgeries can be routine or born out of emergency situations. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured knowing your furry friend is receiving the best care possible at Pet Medical Center of Katy. Some of the more common pet surgeries include:

  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Soft-Tissue Tumor Removal
  • Wound Repair
  • Biopsy

When your pet is in need of a surgical procedure, they are in good hands with our experienced and compassionate veterinarian. 

How Should I Prepare My Pet for Veterinary Surgery? 

Your pet's veterinarian will give you specific instructions on any pre-surgical preparations your pet may need, but common ones include giving him extra love and cuddles and preparing his recovery space.  They need a clean, dry space, such as a crate, to recover away from other pets. Give a bath before the   day of surgery, because the incision area needs to be kept dry.  You might also want to wash their bedding or blankets to help reduce the risk of infection. 

Most surgeries require your pet to abstain from eating or drinking in the hours leading up to the procedure. Your veterinarian will give you your pet's precise instructions before the day arrives.

What Could Happen If I Elect Not to Have My Pet's Surgery? 

Your veterinarian will advise you on whether your pet's surgery is elective or necessary for their health and survival. Spay and neuter operations are always recommended for many health benefits. Other surgeries, ones that are intended to diagnose disease or relieve pain are not ones you'll ever want to disallow, unless the risks outweigh the benefits. While it may be difficult to give the go-ahead on a procedure that you know will be uncomfortable for your four-legged friend, your vet would never recommend it if it wasn't necessary. 

Contact the Pet Medical Center of Katy

If your pet has a medical condition that you suspect requires surgery, call the Pet Medical Center of Katy today. Proudly serving the Houston area since 2005, our dedicated veterinary surgeons are experts in their field. Caring, professional, and experienced, we provide top-quality care for pets and owners in need. Give us a call at 281-392-7544 to learn more.