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Clinic Greeter, Lover of All Things Canine
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Lola came to Pet Medical Center in January of 2006. Dr. Cruz found her one evening in the drive way of her home, fed her, and spiffed her up. Lola, realizing she had it made with this lady, decided to start hanging around the house in the hopes of more goodies to come. Fearing that she would be harmed or killed if left out to fend for herself, Dr. Cruz brought her to work to be spayed, vaccinated, and adopted out. Once at the clinic, however, Lola warmed the hearts of everyone who met her, and the decision was made to include her as part of the staff. Lola can be found often times sunning herself in the lobby, waiting for people and dogs to giver her some attention. If they don’t, she makes a concerted effort to amble over to greet them with a head nudge. Lola is a true “dog person” and prefers canines to her own species. Her likes are lounging, puppies, and sitting on clients’ laps in the lobby. Her dislikes include other cats trying to steal attention from her, vaccination day, and days the clinic is closed.