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Pet Medical Center of Katy

Pet Dental

A Black & White Cat Getting its Teeth Brushed

Why is Pet Dental Care Important?

It is important your pet receives dental care in order to ensure healthy teeth and that they are not experiencing trouble with abnormally bad breath, trouble eating, or pain in the mouth. If your pet does have an oral infection, it can lead to more than bad breath. If an oral infection has set in and goes untreated it can spread throughout the body, not just your pet’s mouth. When it comes to caring for your pet’s teeth bring them to our medical center and we will work to make sure your pet’s teeth are healthy.

How Often Should you Clean Your Pet’s Teeth?

Ideally, you should have a routine for keeping your pet’s teeth clean. At the bare minimum, we recommend you should try to clean your pet’s teeth at least once a week. When you visit out, our veterinarian will advise you on what types of dental chews and washes are available and which would be best for your pet.  At Pet Medical Center of Katy, we also recommend your pet receives an annual cleaning.  When we examine your pet’s teeth, we are checking that no gum disease or oral bacteria is forming. With proper dental care at home and in the office, your pet can have healthy teeth for life.

Pet Medical Center of Katy Pet Dental Services

Bring your pet to the medical center you know will provide the best dental care in the entire Katy and Houston areas. Call (281) 392-7544, and we will get your pet scheduled for a dental exam today! Choose Pet Medical Center of Katy for the best pet dental services in Texas.