Pet Allergies

Treating Pet Allergies

Pet allergies are a reaction of proteins found in a pet’s skin cells, urine, or saliva caused by an outside influence. Some examples of these allergic reactions include sneezing, hay fever, and a runny nose. Left untreated, pet allergies can create serious issues that can threaten the health of your pet. Owning a pet means that from time to time, you will need to seek assistance from a veterinarian. Residents in the Houston or Katy area can rely on the Pet Medical Center of Katy to provide quality veterinary services and treat a variety of pet issues such as emergencies and pet allergies.


Help From a Veterinary Clinic

The Pet Medical Center is Katy's leading veterinary clinic. We provide the quality pet services that keep our furry friends happy and healthy. We are a full-service pet medical facility offering both routine and emergency services. We are equipped to handle just about any situation that arises and provide expert medical care for issues large and small. One of those medical issues we treat is pet allergies and all of the symptoms related.

Perhaps you have noticed that your pet has itchy, raw, or red skin in certain areas. In most cases, these problems don't clear up without proper veterinary treatment. Home remedies and treatments aren't the answer for chronic recurring allergy issues such as hot spots and raw skin. Pets need a full veterinarian exam and a close inspection of the trouble areas so that they can get the treatments and prescriptions they need to heal and feel comfortable again.

If you notice your pet is struggling with allergies, you should make an appointment with the clinic for a consultation with one of our in-house veterinarians. From there, your pet will get a thorough examination and then the vet will consult with you about treatment options and any prescriptions your pet may need to get better.

Serving the Katy and Houston Areas

Pet Medical Center of Katy serves the residents and pets of the Katy and Houston areas. The full-service veterinary medical facility offers dental care, surgery, and routine pet wellness care. It's all a part of providing your beloved pet with the services and care they need to feel their best. Don't let your pet's allergies go untreated. Call us today to get the professional service your pet needs to feel better and live a long and happy life without discomfort from allergies.