Pet Exercise

Fun Ways to Work Out with Your Dog!

A routine exercise program is healthy for both you and your dog. In fact, a study from Michigan State University found that dog owners were 34% more likely to recommend exercise compared to those who didn’t own a dog. Our staff at Pet Medical Center of Katy wants residents of Katy and Houston to know all of the benefits and ways to work out with their beloved pets! 



Running is a great way to incorporate a cardiovascular activity into your life with your dog. This exercise is particularly great to do with a dog because they can hold you accountable for a routine and encourage you to stick to it. Dogs of any size can enjoy the benefits of running, even smaller ones. It is important for dog owners to be aware of the weather however, as certain heat indexes and humidity levels may make it unsafe to have an extended running session.


Biking can be a great activity for dogs with an extra amount of energy. It carries the same health benefits as running but allows for you and your pet to have extended exercise sessions and can function as an alternative if running puts too much stress on your lower body. This can be particularly helpful with dogs that have behavioral problems, as the root cause of unwanted behaviors tends to be from a lack of exercise.

Active Fetch

Every dog owner has played fetch with their pup at some point. Now you can incorporate your own fitness into the activity by chasing after the ball with your dog! This is a great exercise for bonding with your dog as both of you will compete to be the first one to the ball. It can also be modified so that you do lunches, squats, or crunches after getting to the ball.

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