Pet Nutrition

Pet Medical Center of Katy Offers Advice on Pet Nutrition for Good Health

Good nutrition is critical to maintain health in pets, just as it is in with people. However, your cat or dog may require different nutrients at different stages of his or her life. Veterinarians provide information on pet nutrition and monitoring of the weight of the pet as part of the overall care they give to their patients. At Pet Medical Center of Katy in Katy, TX, serving the Houston area, we can help you provide good nutrition for your pet at every stage of life.

Pet Nutrition

The Importance of Good Nutrition at Every Stage of Your Pet’s Life

Very young animals need food that is high in nutrient content to fuel their physical development and activity levels. Adult animals need a food formula that helps them achieve a healthy weight and maintains good physical condition. Older pets may consume less food, but the nutrient content is important to maintain weight, enhance digestion, and allow a healthy activity level. In addition, foods containing certain vitamins and mineral supplements can help your senior pet avoid coat, skin, and joint problems associated with aging. Cats need food that contains taurine to maintain critical body processes. Our vet can help you choose a nutritious, easily digestible pet food for your older pet.

Nutrition and Weight Management

Veterinarians are seeing a significant increase in obesity in pets. This results from pet owner overindulging their pets' craving for treats and limiting opportunities for exercise. Obesity in pets can be in risk for certain health diseases, as it in humans, so you should carefully monitor your pet’s weight to maintain a healthy weight. Our veterinarian in Katy can help you find the right pet food to ensure good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, so you can avoid the health problems linked to obesity.

Pet Nutrition for Special Health Problems

Pets with health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, or kidney problems may require a special diet that helps them to metabolize nutrition effectively. Our Katy veterinarian offers a number of prescription pet foods specially formulated to help these health conditions.

Make Pet Medical Center of Katy Your Veterinarian in the Houston Area

Dr. Norma Cruz and the veterinary team at Pet Medical Center of Katy use their years of experience in veterinary care to help their patients in Katy, TX and the Houston area maintain good health and function from the early months to old age. Call Pet Medical Center of Katy at 281-392-7544 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn more about the best pet nutrition in order to maintain his or her health.