Pet Obesity

Pet Care: Nutrition and Weight Management

It is unfortunate that pet owners do not realize when their pets become over-weight or obese. In fact, most pets are significantly heavier than their ideal body weight. It is imperative that pet owners try in helping their pets maintain a healthy weight. One of the easiest things you can do is to have regular checkups of your pet at the veterinarian. They should be able to tell if your pet is over or underweight.


What makes nutrition and weight management for pets important?

Just like being overweight or obese has health risks humans, similarly, it poses a serious threat to the health of animals. For example, diabetes in cats and being overweight has a very high correlation. It is also important to keep in mind that weight management does not always mean being overweight. Being underweight could be a sign of malnutrition or other underlying medical causes. Weight management is also important to keep your pet active. Not being close to their ideal weight will make them less likely to be agile and do the tasks they were meant to do. Also, being active helps in keeping extra weight off. It is always better to not let a pet gain weight in the first place rather than trying to lose weight.

Weight Management Procedure

Once the veterinary specialist is able to determine if your pet is ideal weight or not, they should provide you with a nutrition and weight management plan given there are no other medical reasons. The veterinarian will give your pet a full physical exam. This includes listening to the heartbeat, the sound of the lungs, and check for limb movement and perform other tests as necessary. Once the pet is clear of any medical issues, the veterinarian will assess the current eating and exercise habits of the pet. Accordingly, they should be able to prescribe a program for the pet to follow.

The program would generally be a mix of nutrition and cardiovascular activities. Portion control for food or eating a certain type of food might be recommended. A slow weight loss is recommended because it places less stress on the organs of the pet.

Pet Medical Center of Katy

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