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Pet Microchipping in Katy

Protect Your Pet

Pets are unpredictable: they might run out of the back door, jump a fence, or escape from their leash. They don’t necessarily mean to get lost, but accidents can happen. Because your pets might not be able to get home again by themselves, microchips can help get your pet returned more quickly if they are found and brought to a shelter or veterinarian.

What Are Microchips & What Do They Do?

Microchips are implants that are only about the size of a grain of rice. They hold identification and contact information for your pet. When you keep your pet’s microchip up to date, your contact information can help get your pet returned to you if they are lost. It is standard practice in both veterinary hospitals and animal shelters to scan recovered pets for a microchip. When scanned, they can then use the contact information stored on the chip to get your pet safely back home.

The benefits of microchips include:

  • They last for your pet’s entire life
  • They help identify your pet if they are stolen
  • They contain information such as medical conditions or medications for your pet
  • They help reunite you with your pet if they are lost

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How Are Microchips Implanted?

Because microchips are so small, implanting them is as simple as getting a vaccine. We use a large bore needle to implant the chip under the skin. It feels no worse than any other shot for your pet, so you don’t have to worry about excessive pain.

Where Is the Microchip Placed?

Typically, microchips are placed under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. There is a small chance that your pet’s microchip will migrate away from its original placement, but it will never get lost in your pet’s body.

My Pet Is Microchipped. Can I Ditch the Collar & Tags?

Microchips are not a primary source of identification. You should absolutely still make sure your pet wears a collar with proper tags, especially if they go outdoors. Microchips can only be read with a special kind of scanner. Animal control officers, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics are equipped with these scanners, but your next door neighbor is not.

It’s also important to make sure that your pet’s microchip is registered and kept up-to-date with current contact information. Otherwise, your pet’s microchip will not be able to identify them properly and could delay their return to you.

Should I Microchip My Indoor Cat?

Even for pets that don’t leave the house, microchipping is a great idea. There are many reasons that microchipping can be beneficial for your indoor pets – if there is a natural disaster or a fire and your pet becomes separated from you, a microchip can help identify them and get them back to you faster.

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